THE COMPLETE Haze Amaze Drum Pack - Volume 1


THE COMPLETE Haze Amaze Drum Pack - Volume 1

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Hey you,
Your drums don't sound live.  You know it.  I know it.  And your beats CERTAINLY show it.  But turn that around with Haze Amaze Drum Paks.  Haze Amaze is the legendary drummer behind Raheem Devaugn, Mannywellz, Jake Vicious, Al Capone, the guy who always looks at ya funny outside the mini mart. And so many more.

Each drum pack contains:
10 Grooves
10 Fill
10 One Shots

And the ability to combine and manipulate them for endless possibilities.  Recorded in the Grammy Award producing Vault Studios - the Haze Amaze Packs are taking the producer world by storm.  

 By using this pack - you agree to forward a 5% Writers credit to HASMOND ABRAHAM for any and all iterations made from these sounds.  Email - for details.